pg电子赏金女王试玩:International Students of CUPB Participated in the Cloud Dialogue of "Beijing Winter Olympics in The Eyes Of Foreigners"

From 15:00 to 17:00 on February 17, the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Beijing Association for the Promotion of International Exchanges of Non-governmental Organizations invited 18 foreign friends in Beijing who watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics to participate in the cloud dialogue of "Beijing Winter Olympics in the Eyes of Foreigners", sharing their feelings about the Beijing Winter Olympics around themes of "unity", "technology", "green", "simplicity", "wonderful" and "safety". KIMAKA PAMBOU RINEL ROLYSNA and ABAL-HASSAN FADHULI SAID ABDILLAH DJAMALILLAIL, international students of CUPB, shared their feelings on the theme of "My Impression of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics".

ABAL-HASSAN FADHULI SAID ABDILLAH DJAMALILLAIL from Comoros said that he was very honored to be able to watch the opening ceremony: "When I heard President Xi say 'I announce the opening of the 24th Winter Olympics in Beijing', I was elated and cheered, and later found that my voice is hoarse. This opening ceremony is very simple, yet romantic. It shows us the power of China's high-tech and low-carbon environmental protection development strategy. If I can express my feelings for this opening ceremony in one word, that's 'wonderful'."

KIMAKA PAMBOU RINEL ROLYSNA from Republic of the Congo said that after watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on the spot, he felt that he could only describe his feelings in one sentence - "super wonderful!" "During the epidemic, a country has such a capability to organize such a big event, and to organize it so well and so wonderfully. This has amazed me. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics is really wonderful! I deeply feel the pride that a country's strength brings to people. In the future, I also want to contribute to my motherland, build a bridge to promote Sino-foreign cooperation, and work hard to realize the dream of the country and the dream of the world. "