pg电子赏金女王试玩:Notice on Annual Review for CSC Scholarship Students 2022 (1)


Dear Chinese Government Scholarship students,

Annual Review for CSC Scholarship Students in academic year 2022/2023 is launched. CSC Scholarship students who will still enjoy the CSC Scholarship after September 2022, including the doctoral students who are planning to apply for an extension and meet the conditions for applying for the scholarship extension, are required to prepare Student Self-Assessment statement and related materials well before May 5, 2022.

For the conditions for extending the scholarship period for doctoral students, please refer to the "Notice on the Application of Chinese Government Scholarship Doctoral Students for Extending the Scholarship Funding Period" (Notification link: /overseas/cn/tzgg/rcgl/4a91930190bf4568a7fd789151980f4e. htm).

*Those who have been in the suspension of schooling may not participate in the review.

The review term is from September 2021 to May 2022.

Student Self-Assessment includes three parts: Observe Rules and Regulations, Academic Study and Activities Participation. The statement in each part should contain the following contents:

· In Observe Rules and Regulations, summarize your status in compliance with rules and regulations, and rewards and punishments obtained during the review term.

· In Academic Study, summarize your academic study or graduation thesis progress and academic achievements publication status during the review term (e.g. title, publisher, author ranking and indexable URL of the published papers or monographs, or the title and author ranking of the accepted papers, or the title and author ranking of the patents, etc.)

· In Activities Participation, summarize your participation of extracurricular activities during the review term, including academic activities (academic conference, academic forum, etc.), social activities, cultural and sports activities, scientific and technological innovation activities, as well as extracurricular activities organized by the university, department and class, etc.

Note: the text of each part above should not exceed 1000 characters. For Chinese-taught students, please fill in Chinese; for English-taught students, in English.

Related materials (if any) may include: the scanned copies of the certificates of paper retrieval or acceptance, monograph publication, or patent, and the scanned copies of the award certificate and participation certificate in extracurricular activities during the review term.

The specific online submission method and date of the above Self-Assessment statement and related materials will be notified later. Please pay attention to the following notices on the website of College of International Education and your grade Wechat group.

The College of International Education will complete the Annual Review with relevant schools and the scholarship committee.

Please note:

1. The Annual Review for CSC Scholarship Students in 2022/2023 will be completed online through the "Chinese Government Scholarship Information System". Students are requested to complete the preparation of Self-Assessment statement and online submission within the prescribed time. Paper materials are not required.

2. Those who fail to participate in the Annual Review within the prescribed time shall be disqualified from the Chinese Government Scholarship.

The final results of the Annual Review will be approved by the China Scholarship Council and will come into effect in September 2022.

China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

College of International Education

April 28, 2022